Planning for customer service/unit 3dd

Aligning the company planning statements and SMART goals with the customer service plan (see the customer service plan Learning Activity) ensures that the business has a viable, aligned and consistent plan for customer service. The customer sees the company in a consistent manner and is better able to align their own values with the company culture as a result. Use what you have learned in the Learning Activity as well as the Reading this week to analyze a company’s mission, vision and values statement and goals.

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Customer Service Planning

All company planning should ideally align with the company’s mission statement (the company purpose statement), the vision statement (the ideal and ultimate goal in the long term, usually 5-10 years), and values statements (the core beliefs at a company that should guide employee behavior). Establishing these statements is the first step in many successful companies’ initial strategic planning. As part of the planning process the company creates a company strategic plan which in turn has different department or functional area plans. One of these plans is the customer service plan. This plan outlines what the company strives to accomplish on a yearly basis (although goals can be divided by quarter and by month), and how they plan to attain the goals.

In this Discussion, you will review a company’s mission, vision and values statements, as if you were at the beginning stages of creating the customer service plan, and see if and where the company statements align with their customers and the customer service interface.

Step 1: Read the company mission, vision, and values statements for The Porcupine Health Club:

Our Mission: To provide a diverse membership with access to a wide variety of exercise equipment, health-oriented classes, and opportunities to help enhance the quality of their lives. We motivate and inspire our members and their families to adopt healthier habits for their long term benefit.


Our Vision: To inspire all of our members and families to be happier, and lead longer and healthier lives.


Our Values:


§  We value diversity.


§  We motivate our members and their families to adopt healthy habits through our interactions and our behavior.


§  We inspire healthy changes for everyone. 

Step 2: View the video of The Porcupine Health Club.

Question: Do the company statements align with their customers and the customer service interface? If so, where?


Reference: Gibson, P. (06/2011). The World of Customer Service, 3e, 3rd Edition. [VitalSource Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from


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