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Required Readings

  • Interactive Units 1–4

    Be sure to read and work through the first four Interactive Units of this course before beginning the Worksheet.

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  • Miller, S. (2007). Social institutions. Retrieved from

    This article provides a comprehensive introduction to the concepts and theories surrounding social institutions.

Required Media

  • Laureate Education. (2015). SOCI 1001S rough draft essay worksheet [Word document]. Baltimore, MD: Author.

    This is the worksheet that you must download and submit in order to complete the rough draft essay assignment. The worksheet contains four separate boxes, each including a writing prompt. Respond to the writing prompt in each box by typing your work into the empty white spaces below the prompts.

Optional Readings

  • Walden Writing Center. (2015). Writing a paper: Thesis statements. Retrieved from

    You may wish to review the information on this website if you need help constructing and supporting a thesis statement. Keep in mind that your Final Essay for this course requires that you include and support a thesis statement—and you will begin constructing that thesis statement in the Rough Draft Essay Worksheet.

What roles do social institutions play in your life? In society as a whole? For this assignment, you will first evaluate each of the three theoretical perspectives (functionalist, conflict, and interactionist) on social institutions and then decide which perspective you relate to the most and why.

To prepare for this Rough Draft Essay Worksheet:

  • Read the articles and complete the Interactive Units referenced above.
  • Review the three major theoretical perspectives: functionalist, conflict, and interactionist.
  • Review social institutions and select a specific social institution to analyze.
  • Reflect on your relationship to social institutions and how that might affect your perspective on them.
  • Review the Final Essay requirements and rubric, as this Worksheet is designed to help you organize your thoughts and writing for the Final Essay assignment.

The Assignment:

  • Download the SOCI 1001S Rough Draft Essay Worksheet document listed in the Required Media for this assignment.
  • Consider the 4 prompts presented in the black boxes of the SOCI 1001S Rough Draft Essay Worksheet document and respond to them in the white boxes immediately following each prompt. Note that you should present your responses in paragraph form as complete sentences, and each of your responses should be approximately 2 paragraphs in length.

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