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In his speech at the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, President Obama spoke about times when nations would find the use of force “not only necessary but morally justified”. President Obama believed that the use of force could be justified on humanitarian grounds. This position reflected his belief in common humanity. Yet, judging by his record, the results seem mixed: President Obama acted in Libya, failed to in Syria, and conducted what some would describe as a morally questionable war using drones. 

Please answer the following questions:

a. What are the core ideas of President Obama’s approach to world affairs? [0.5-1 page]

– You should address common security and common humanity.
– His speeches are good sources on these concepts, you could also look on blackboard for articles, or google (make sure it’s a good legitimate source).

b. In your opinion, what were the success and failures of President Obama’s decisions on Libya, Syria, and the use of drones? [3.5-4 pages]

– There are some good articles on blackboard to help you. Otherwise, google.
– Do not only use the slides. This is a research paper – you have to show you’ve read something. – Write two success, two failures for Libya and two success, two failures for Syria. 

c. How would you evaluate the impact of these issues on America’s global leadership in this age of globalization? [0.5-1 page]


Some questions you could consider: 

– What kind of America did we have under President Obama? Was it better than Bush’s?

– Did America become the world’s moral authority on “doing the right thing”?

– These issues are hard, but did President Obama’s decisions make us a better global leader?

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