Police Brutality

1. Identify an area of inequality in your everyday life. Here are a few areas to get you started: *Health and Healthcare – The Global Pandemic would be a great choice! * Race/Ethnicity *Immigration * Gender/Sexism * Family * Crime & Punishment * Labor Rights * Sexual MinorityRights2. Find an article in a daily newspaper or magazine that is related to your area of interest. Thisarticle can be dated no earlier than 2018. A PDF copy of the article must be turned in with theassignment. (Click here to learn how to turn a newspaper article into a PDF). Make sure yourchosen article is based on fact and not opinion. You must use an article from one of thefollowing sources or else you will not get credit for this assignment:• The New York Times• The LA Times• The Wall Street Journal• The Washington Post• Politico• The Atlantic• The New Yorker• The Associated Press• Time• NPR103. Describe the social inequality that you have chosen. What is the magnitude of the inequality?What is its impact? Use statistics as needed.4. Suggest possible explanations for this inequality. Yourexplanations must include references tothe readings and notes throughout the class and be fairly detailed.5. Suggest a policy (via government, education, financial, etc.) that might help alleviate theproblem. This section will require some outside research on your part. You MUST correctly citeyour sources else I will not accept your paper.6. Include an original TITLE for your paper and Use headings and subheadings to organize yourpaper.7. Your paper should between 6-7 pages long (excluding title page, references)The rough draft should satisfy all the general requirements for the assignment: these arelisted below. Your draft must include the headings below and your draft writing/material beloweach heading.● Title Page (i.e., “The impact of climate change on poor nations.”)● IntroductionIssue Description/Summary of Newspaper article● Literature Review; Sociological Definitions; Theory/Concepts: Which area ofsocialinequality are you addressing? What does the evidence say? What is yourin-depth argument(s)? How is it based on your review and synthesis of yourresearch?● Policy/Law Suggestion that addresses your inequality issue and argument how itwould work● Conclusion● References:AT LEAST FOUR ACADEMIC SOURCES from one of the journalslisted above is required – They must be PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLES:Click here to better understand what a peer reviewed article is:o A peer reviewed article is assigned for this class and is located onBrightSpace – this is an example of a peer-reviewed article: note, it has a12methods/data and results/findings sections which are indicators of peerreviewed articles (Peralta, Tuttle, and Steele (2010)– At the Intersection ofInterpersonal Violence, Masculinity, and Alcohol Use: The Experiences ofHeterosexual Male Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence). I haveplaced another sample peer reviewed article (on health disparities andstress) located in the ‘Getting Started’ tab in Brightspace.● Submissions without academic articles FROM THE APPROVED LIST will not beaccepted, AND A ZERO WILL BE ISSUED AS THE EARNED GRADE.● Formatting, references (ASA or APA format), length requirements: Click here forexact examples on ASA format. If you do not use APA or ASA citation style,you will not get credit for this assignment. DO NOT INCLUDE LINKS IN YOURREFERENCE, I WANT AUTHOR, YEAR, TITLE OF ARTICLE, NAME OFJOURNAL, PAGE NUMBERS AND VOLUME NUMBER.● Additionally, you must include a pdf copy of your mediaselection with yoursubmission. In your feedback, you will either be given approval to moveforward, or suggestions for revisions.


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