Policy paper | Law homework help

This Policy paper looks into current action in Oregon State and suggests some recommendation.


Number of words : 800


This paper looks at a recent Oregon State legislative action on an issue and thoughtfully consider what policy changes are desirable and possible.


1. Briefly summarize the topic to refresh your boss about the issue. 

2. Identify, explain, and analyze a specific bill considered in the 2015 Oregon legislature connected to the topic. Identify the bill by its number for example (SB211 or HB 3421).

3. Discuss how the bill progressed in the 2015 legislature:

  • Who were the key sponsors?
  • How far did the bill go in the legislative process?
  • What helped the bill pass or not pass?
  • Were there patterns in who supported and opposed it?

4. Analyze two different policy changes your boss should consider regarding to the topic. Consider whether these changes are desirable, and why or why not. This could be a major change in the existing system or specific minor amendment to existing policies. 

5. Analyze the political prospects for policy changes that favor your boss’s values and goals. If it likely that favorable policy changes can be made? Why or why not?

6. Recommend a course of action that reflects what you know about the topic and its politics. 

7. Cite sources appropriately and include a bibliography that presents all the sources used for the paper.



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