Political science essay | Political Science homework help

please read the attached document which covers how to write a political science essay.  Please research and write a 2 page/1000 word paper on any topic we have covered in this course that pertains to state and local government.  It doesn’t have to be Florida-centric, and, just like your midterm project, it can be on a broad topic like:  climate change, immigration, abortion, same-sex marriage, marijuana legalization,  etc; or you can look at a very specific issue:  California privatized prisons policy, Florida environmental legislation (state bill X), Stand your Ground laws, Water safety issues, Disaster preparedness in Seminole and Orange Counties, Gerrymandering in Asheville, NC, etc. I like these assignments to give you the opportunity to research a topic of interest to you.  Please be creative and really learn more about a given topic. 

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Political science essay | Political Science homework help
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Make this a research and argument paper– Don’t use words like “I think environmental policy x is….. In my opinion…”; make a clear argument, “Environmental policy x needs to be reformed because…. or Environmental policy x satisfies the requirements of the community because….”

You’ll need to cite any facts/ information/ data from reputable resources– not wiki or Jim’s political blog; these need to be peer reviewed journals and publications (NY Times, WSJ, Washington Post, political science books and journals, local city/ state reports directly from govt sites, local papers, etc. 

You can pick which ever topic your best at! Please make you you can complete it by the due date. whichever

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