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Your Portfolio Project for this course is to develop an Argumentative Essay on any of these topics.

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1)    Capital Punishment

2)    Physician-assisted Suicide  (Be Specific)

3)    Legalization of Marijuana (either at the state or federal level) not both.

4)    Privatization of Social Security


Post the issue that you will argue for your essay and why you are selecting that argument. 

Include the following in your post:


·       A clear statement of the issue.


·       What is your position on that issue?


·       What is your basic argument on the issue? (You will expand this in detail in your paper.)


·       What is a possible rebuttal of the argument? (Be brief, you will expand this in detail in your final paper.)

Avoid ambiguity, vagueness, and other sources of confusion. You may ask for comments from each other to help you narrow the focus of your topic.

Use Chapters 7, 8, and 9 of A Rulebook for Arguments, by Anthony Weston, to guide you in formulating your paper’s argument.



**Please note that you are only doing the 4 bullet points above in APA format and it should be no less than 225 words, if this work is good and accepted by the professor I will reach to you and give you first choice to complete the final project if offering price is acceptable**

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