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The nurse in charge of disseminating care to this particular family should be in a  position to conduct a full assessment on this family in order to ensure that this particular patient is able to get full  and proper cover. In this particular case, the structural family therapy will greatly help this family to address this issue by fully reaching to the psychological and emotional needs of this family. Due to the fact that Susie allowed her sick mother, Mrs. Jones, to move in, there is the likely hood that there will be the development of problems. These problems are likely to be brought up due to the fact that Susie’s concern on how to balance the demands of her career and her family needs especially in this situation where she has to take full care of her ailing mother.


Thus in this particular case, the structural family therapy would be of great help and this is due to a number of various reasons. To begin with, this theory this theory treats the family as a unit and thus viewing the different problems faced by the family as one single problem. Thus it is true to say that this theory focuses more on the family as a unit rather than focusing on the problems of one single individual. Additionally, this theory focuses more on the day to day family interactions. This theory is governed by three major aspects that are; the family structure, family subsystem, and the boundaries. In this particular case, the family structure will greatly help the family on how the family will deal with this issue. Thus the nurse in charge should try and explain to the family the potential changes that are likely to occur and through this, the family will be able to stabilize while adapting to these changes (Minuchin, 1974). 


In addition to this, the subsystem aspect will enable Susie to adapt to her new roles and thus she will be able to adapt quickly. Understanding the subsystems of this family will avoid the overlapping of roles. In order for Mrs.Jones to fully fit in the nurse in charge should try and explain the boundaries and barricades that will come together with the integration of Mrs.Jones in this family. Thus it can be said that this theory will greatly help in observing how the family members interact, alter unnecessary boundaries and lastly to modify the interactions between the different family members.


In addition to the structural family therapy, the family development theory can also help this family to overcome the new challenges that will be associated with the coming of Mrs.Jones. This theory mainly deals with systematic and patterned changes that a family undergoes. The nurse in charge should thus try to incorporate this theory with the aim of trying to identify how the family members interact amongst themselves. These interactions will help the nurse to identify how the various assumed roles by the family members will help in taking care of Mrs. Jones (Bomar, 2004). 


Health education particular in this case will greatly help this family to deal with the illness of Mrs. Jones. To begin with, health education is important as it will help the family to appreciate the importance of social, mental and physical wellbeing. In addition to this health education will help to improve the skills and create a positive attitude on the members of this family about health. In addition to this, health education will greatly help in assessing the health requirements of Mrs. Jones and thus enabling the family to offer a more comprehensive health care to her.






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