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Provide a description of a family with diverse family members. Members of the family may have differences in terms of ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, sharply divergent political views, differently abled, or be multigenerational with members having different physical and medical conditions, to name a few. Any significant difference among family members that requires adjustment or may represent challenging situations can be selected. Please provide a short description of the members of this family (2 points) and a full description of the major difference you have selected for this family, using scholarly language (5 points) and citing at least one peer-reviewed resource to describe features of this difference. (3 points for appropriately citing the peer-reviewed literature on which your description is based.) For example, describing a family member as having a different sexual orientation is not enough; you would need a scholarly article to describe a professional or scholarly definition of this feature. Using google scholar and searching for “conceptual definition of [your chosen feature]” should lead you to some articles, as well as searching through the databases in the Walden library. (Maximum points for descriptions, including scholarly descriptions of differences among members of the family, and appropriate citation(s): 10 points

2. Describe a potential barrier to communication, family cohesiveness, mutual support and understanding, or happiness that this difference might pose (2 points), and provide your rationale for your choice of barrier (3 points). Total maximum points = 5.

3. Describe one social work skill that might be used to address this barrier, focusing on one of the following areas: individual attitudes and behavior, family views and dynamics, or approaches that would mobilize or foster change in organizations, neighborhoods, schools, groups, churches, local government, or communities. Remember that family dynamics are often direct reflections of standards fostered by groups in the social environment and environmental conditions. Explain how you would use your selected social work skill to foster improved quality of life for the family (5 points).

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