Power point presentation and outline


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How are you? I need help in a power point presentation assignment.


I have made a Final Report of my research assignment and now I need to make a narrated Power Point Presentation on this Final Report. Apart from narrated Power point presentation you also need to do detailed outline of presentation in a word file. Therefore this assignment has two tasks …………. 1. Making a Narrated (voice recorded) PPT and 2. a detailed outline of PPT in word file.


You need to use MS word Power Point Presentation’s audio function to record narations with every slide. It is like as if you are giving presentation in class by speaking. Here you need to record that speaking part with every slide by using PPT recording function available on MS word PPT. The narrated presentation should be of 20 minutes exactly. Therefore your recrded narrations along with PPT slides should run for 20 minutes after it is started. you must know how to record speaking narrations in every slide of ms power point by using ms word audio functions.


 i have attached requirements in pdf file. please go through it. i will send you final report file once you tell me if you can do it.

Please check details and let me know.

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