Power point presentation: must be at least 20 slides. must be done in


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San Diego City College Profile Presentation. At least 20 slides.

If possible, please make slides in the school colors

Based on Power Point Presentation

Presentation Required Elements

School Background

• Brief History, Location, Demographic Information on Students, Composition of Faculty, SES of

the residents surrounding the campus

Mission and Institutional Vision

• How do these play into how the campus operates? Initiatives that are supported?

Leadership Structure- What divisions? Is it a one college district or several colleges in one?

Most Popular Programs

• How many students? What are the features of the program? Noted faculty and alumni?

Student Life (any athletics, special clubs, what are students talking about?)

Campus Distinctions-what do they do or have done well?

Campus Successes

• Degrees Awarded, Transfer Rates, ROI in the community

Campus Challenges- achievement gap, food/housing insecurities, disproportionately impacted

populations, financial, DPS???? Where does the school have work to do?

How is the Covid-19 pandemic affecting this campus? What strategies is the campus using to continue

instruction, student services, maintain staff, etc…?

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