Powerpoint for professor ace-proff only!

The time has come for you to deliver your informative oral presentation for your classmates and instructor based on the communications subject you chose during Week 2. Use your outline from Unit 2 to develop a PowerPoint presentation to use in conjunction with your speech.

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Using the information you gained in Week 2, rewrite, remove, or add any information and/or slides to help organize the flow of the content of the presentation. Please use theInformative Oral Presentation Template to assist you with completing this assignment.

Your Informative Oral Presentation slide presentation should include:

  1. Title slide- Include your name, and title of the presentation- speaker notes not needed for this slide
    • Slides 2-6 should include a minimum of 50-75 words in the speaker notes that expand your thoughts beyond what is on your slides
  2. Introduction slide- Introduce your presentation
    • Include your opener
    • Include your thesis
  3. A slide for your first main point- Include supporting points
  4. A slide for your second main point- Include supporting points
  5. A slide for your third main point- Include supporting points
  6. (Optional) A slide for your fourth main point- Include supporting points
  7. (Optional) A slide for your fifth main point- Include supporting points
  8. Conclusion slide- Restates the thesis, summarize key points of the presentation, and be sure to leave your audience with a final thought (50-75 words for notes)
  9. Reference slide- Include sources used for your presentation in APA format-notes not needed for this slide
  10. Images on slides- Make your presentation engaging with images, make sure the images don’t detract or distract from the words on your slides.
  11. 3-5 minute speech/audio file covering your entire presentation (please see below for directions on adding audio recording to your PPT).

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