Pre-writing for essay on literature/ 1-2 pages/visual analysis/mla

1. Choose a Photograph 

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Pre-writing for essay on literature/ 1-2 pages/visual analysis/mla
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2. Perform Visual Analysis using the chart given number 1-5 (OPTIC)…

3. Choose one of the following questions (about the photograph)

a. What truth does this photograph reveal? 

b. What lie does this photograph promote? 

c. Why/How did people deliberately misuse this photograph and distort its true meaning? 

d. Why was this photograph misinterpreted by so many people? 

e. Why do so many people have different reactions to this photograph? 

4. Write a 5-page essay on it eventually (This is the pre-writing phase)


(Students should create a BRIEF outline, graphic organizer, or some other type of pre-writing for their essay.)


I. Introduction

A. Device:

B. General discussion:

C. Quote + citation + analysis:

D. Thesis statement 

Picture to be Analyzed

· Many people believe breastfeeding in public is disrespectful and unsocial.


USE QUOTES ONLY FROM THESE ARTICLES TO SUPPORT YOUR INTRODUCTION the Scenes: Tank Man of Tiananmen (The New York Times) – Baton Rouge killing: Black Lives Matter protest photo hailed as ‘legendary’

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