Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you discuss abnormal

This is a group assignment so this is what I need…..I need a portion of my paper answered (outline below) and then I need someone to piece it together for me with the other two people in the groups portions with a valid thesis statement, introduction, conclusion and transitional sentencing tying all of our pieces together (their portions will be added below), so basically first I need this information answered within the paper (chapter 14 has to be used to answer this information (also added below) and only two of the ten listed in Personality disorders of your choosing will be discussed but the instructor is adament about NOT talking about treatment options or available treatments (points will be taken off for this big time) ,,,only discuss the following within the outline and then ramble a lil depending on the word less than 1050..last thing the instructor does NOT like headings in his papers PLEASE only use transitional sentencing..again big points will be taken off :


 APA format required.

  1. 1st Personality Disorder- (Borderline Personality Disorder)-


  1. What are the common symptoms

  2. Etiology (How does it start/How is it acquired?)

  3. Current research

  4. Transitional sentence


  1. 2nd Personality Disorder-(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)-


  1. What are the common symptoms


    B. Etiology (How does it start/How is it acquired?

    C. Current research

    D.Transitional sentence



Any additional questions? Please understand or ask because this is apart of a final due ASAP today!

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