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The purpose of this assignment is to help you better understand how Learning Curves work.

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Using Chapter 18 in your text, research why a Learning Curve Analysis is used for project management, and research the necessary components of a Learning Curve Analysis using the textbook and the Internet.  Using the information you gathered, write an essay that contains your findings.  The essay should explain the components of the learning curve and describe how the learning curve analysis can be used by a project manager in a real-life scenario.  NOTE – This assignment asks that you include a learning curve template (table and graph) as an appendix. Use an example from your experience to build that table and graph. Do not forget to do that and include the explanation of your table/graph in the body of the text along with the other assignment criteria.

Your essay should be 2-3 pages long and should include scholarly resources, available from the CSU-Global library, or other online scholarly sources, to support your assertions.  Your template should be included as an appendix to your essay. APA Requirements are required. Include a title and a reference page that includes at least three outside references (not including your textbook) to support your thinking.

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