Proactivity & reactivity – 400 word reflection paper

I am needing a 400 word minimum – reflection paper due by 6:00pm Central time tomorrow.  Which gives you 22 hours to watch a 20 minute video on youtube, a few online researches and produce a 2 page reflection paper.  Directions and everything that is needed in the assignment are below…..

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You will watch the following lecture:


Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor discusses our brain processes in ways that can be applied to much of what we address in DPS.  As a brain scientist, and also a person who experienced a stroke affecting her brain, she discusses her experiences and what we can learn about the brain. 


Your assignment is to addressed below as they relate to what Dr. Bolte Taylor discusses in her lecture.  Express your answers to these questions in a format of your choosing, such as in a written reflection paper, audio podcast, slideshow, Prezi or another means of your choosing. Your work should address the following:


• Do you perceive yourself to be more proactive or reactive? Be sure to indicate why and include sufficient support for your answer.


• How does the information that Dr. Bolte Taylor discusses relate to the concepts of proactivity and/or reactivity?  Relate information from the seminar to the Stimulus-Response model and/or the Proactive model. 


• Discuss the role of the brain in being reactive or proactive based on A Whole New Mind, as well as the TED seminar.


• Make a connection between Jill Botle Taylor’s talk and Dan Pink’s points in A Whole New Mind.


• Include the thought, quote, or idea from Dr. Bolte Taylor’s seminar that captured your attention the most and explain why.


Be sure to back you answers up with specific reasons and examples.

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