Probation Officer

Choose a special population (i.e., sex offenders, women, juveniles, substance abuse, mental health, etc)Include responses to the following questions:Explain the ideas and perspectives you would take in engaging with this population as the parole or probation officer. What are the theoretical assumptions you have about rehabilitation? What are your assumptions about this population?Describe techniques, like motivational interviewing, that would help in engagement with this population. Justify their inclusion.Describe how you would take one individual from this population and take them through the system of corrections from a  felony conviction with a probability of incarceration time. You may define other aspects of the experience as necessary. Describe tools, techniques, and ideas you would use to engage them at each step through to successful rehabilitation.For this paper, you MUST cite a minimum of five sources to support your position. Include your citations in APA formatting at the end of your essay.


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