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Human Processes and “Persons” Responsible for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Image of atmospheric pollution where clouds of water vapor is seen rising above factory smokestacks and cooling towers.Please respond to the following questions: After reviewing the pages in Michael Bradshaw’s book, the World GHG  Emissions Flow Chart and the data charts and tables from the  International Energy Agency, British Petroleum’s annual statistical  review and Richard Heede’s article, you have gathered sufficient  information to reach some assessment about how the world crossed the  threshold in 2013, when 400ppm of atmospheric CO2  was reached. Leave aside the non-human arguments about relative  causality in global warming, such as Robert Silverberg’s claim that  solar cycles and bovine methane emissions matter as much as human GHG  emissions, and focus instead on those human, political actors and  activities that emit greenhouse gases. After reviewing these  publications addressing GHG  emissions and human activities, create an initial response post that  addresses the questions below. You must draw on and cite evidence from  the readings in your initial post. You should use numeric and/or graphic  evidence from these sources to draw your inferences about what is  occurring. You should be explicit when you draw logical inferences from  the data presented in the readings, and you should take care to weigh  the evidence you present in your own assessment.

  • How is human energy use responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, particularly CO2  emissions, and how does energy resource use compare with other human  sources of greenhouse gas emissions in terms of scale or importance?
  • Which specific energy actors and activities are most responsible for  greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, and do you believe  these can be reduced dramatically?

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