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Total points earned (rounded): 143 out of 150 (95%).

 Task Requirements points earned: 37.5 out of 37.5 (100%).

 Demonstration and application of knowledge points earned: 82.5 out of 82.5 (100%).

 Academic writing and format points earned: 22.5 out of 30 (75%).

 Strengths: Your Key Assignment draft was very well written and you are heading in the right direction as far as information. Also, excellent work explaining your overall plan as the security manager. Your proposed recommendations were efficient in ensuring safety and present a clear understanding of the course materials. I would suggest completing several drafts to improve grammar, spelling issues and the use APA format of resources. Keep up the good work!

 Opportunities for improvement: Please review the APA guide regarding your formatting of in-text citations. While your attempt was good, they need to be in proper format.


Assignment Guidelines word count 1500-2000

Revise your Week 4 Key Assignment according to instructor and peer feedback.

Next, add the following sections to your final Key Assignment draft:


The planning that takes place in advance of action is used as a tool for predicting the future and, at the same time, attempting to control and influence future events in an organization. The planning process entails 4 steps.

Define the 4 steps listed below in detail. Then, explain how you plan on initiating each of these 4 steps to assist you in planning security services for the facility.

Establishing a goal or set of goals

Defining the present situation

Determining or identifying age and barriers

Developing a set of actions


You should describe what training needs to be done to get the officers ready for their positions. In this response, you will focus on the type of training medium that you will use for the officers, such as seminars and lectures, on-the-job training, and mentoring, just to name a few. You will also discuss the legal issue of failure to train in your response and review how this is a liability to your organization and to the client organization.



Anthony W. Russell

Colorado Technical University

Prof. Charles Russo

Locally Operated Security Company


In establishing a private security organization, there are basic knowledge and skills required to have an efficient team. For starters, one must put in place a dynamic hiring process that will ensure that the personnel picked are competent and can handle the security requirements of the designated facility. Besides that, after having selected the right candidates, it is vital to develop a shift schedule that is flexible enough to ensure that optimization of the performance is guaranteed. Furthermore, for a private security service organization to serve a facility well, there is need to have a coordinated relationship with other security organs and to be in communication with them so as to maximize their effectiveness.



Having been positioned as the security director in a large hotel and convention center, I do appreciate the fact that an effective recruitment strategy is vital to procuring high caliber of talent and also contributes immensely to my organization’s success. I also I’m appreciative of the fact the job market today has become so competitive and that the skills sets are growing immensely and this calls for recruiters to be a bit more selective when picking candidates. It is thus vital to employ a strategy that would ensure my organization recruits the right quality personnel who are extremely competent.

How to hire personnel

It is imperative that at this juncture I take advantage of this new era in which technology rules almost everything. I will thus capitalize on this to find qualified applicants to hire and meet the needs of the company having this aspect in mind; I do find that the best recruitment strategy for the organization is the strategy that employs the use of a job search engine (Luo, et. al. 2007).This is the best strategy to use it is an excellent way to reach job seekers fast. It is a better way also to recruit personnel directly. Search engines such as the can be used to post the company listed vacancies.

The standards and qualifications that individuals should meet.

It is our high expectation to establish and organization of honor. Thus the recruits should be able to represent very high standards of integrity, loyalty, professionalism, accountability and respect.

           The basic requirement would include:

           Individuals who are 19years of age and above.

           They should be physically fit and of excellent health.

           Should have no previous criminal convictions and any pending criminal charges as an adult.

Educational Requirement

The selected recruit should at minimum have a grade 12 diploma or its equivalent and above that at least possess a minimum of 30 credits of academic from an accredited college or university in their post-secondary education and any relevant field. It should be noted that these requirements will take precedence and applicants must first qualify in this before they go ahead to apply for the job. A background experience in the military and with any other law enforcement agency will be an additional advantage.

Any pre-employment background investigations, screening, or testing that will be done.

All applicants will undergo a dynamic inquiry process that will involve, a background check that will look at their criminal records. The process will be conducted statewide so as to be able to uncover any previous convictions. This is informed by the belief that recruits with no criminal background have been proven to be least prone to temptations.

Another important investigation will revolve around a reference check on the recruit’s character. Thus recruits will be expected to provide personal references so as to ascertain their personal and fiscal responsibility management through telephone contact of the referees.

Finally, the investigation will extend to previous employment reports. This will be done for employment positions previously held by the candidate, and if one has never been employed, then they should be able to provide the organizations with referees that they are not related to.

Once an applicant is approved, they will undergo screen through initial interviews that will be carried out by a specialist and hence evaluate various factors such as the candidate’s dependability, their character, and appearance professionally. The interviews will be vigorous and will be conducted by experts so as to arrive at a competent group.

The successful candidates will then be tested for drugs through an established panel drug test as they are expected to maintain the requirement for a work environment that is drug-free. Besides that their photographs and fingerprints will be taken and also forwarded for further analysis to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to also act as a background check facilitation.

Relevant legal issues in the recruitment and selection process that I need to be concerned with

The recruitment and selection process legal aspects of concern for our organization revolve around the need to ensure that company efforts are conducted in a manner that does not appear to expose the organization to risks.  Thus, during the process consideration must be made to ensure no illegal or discriminatory questions are encouraged. Thus the process should be free from any discrimination.

Shift Scheduling


This is a 24-hour, 8-hour shift coverage for the facility, having initially been provided with the authority to hire only 12 security officers. Who in this case are hypnotically presented by the alphabets A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L, respectively.

The employee considerations that I have considered before designing the schedule of my officers are concerns such as making sure that employees have maximum satisfaction at the workplace and this has been ensured by the way the schedule is created giving them workdays that are predictable. Besides that consideration has been given to coverage requirements whereby the employees scheduled in each shift ensure that they are able and can comfortably cover the facility each period without having to overwork themselves. The other consideration regards the issue of fatigue in that the scheduled has been appropriately designed to allow room to countermeasure the problem of employees experiencing significant levels of fatigue (Caruso, C. C., & Waters, T. R. 2008). The 8 hours shift allows the room to rotate and have sufficient sleep time.

The legal considerations that have been made include designing a schedule that is in line with the important responsibility of my organization as the employer to ensure that the employees are subjected to safe work practices and thus the reason why they have a schedule that offers the reasonable working hours, with appropriate and safe shift schedules.

An eight-hour shift is most beneficial to me so as to provide the coverage needed for the facility. For, the ten-hour shift and the twelve-hour shift runs the risk of having the employees much more. In an eight-hour shift there is no overlapping of the shifts, and hence there are no risks of having the capacity to double the coverage unnecessarily (Fauth, R., & McVerry, A. 2008).

Relations with University Police and Other Challenges

My understanding of the history of private will play a significant role in ensuring that communication with UPD is improved and maintained throughout. Thus, I will effectively establish and maintain a liaison program that would enable better communication between my organization and the UPD regarding the establishment of and maintenance of agreement and cooperation between the two (International Foundation for Protection Officers, 2017). Thus by liaising with the UPD, I will always strive to ensure that communication is enabled and freely flows between my officers and the UPD personnel. Besides facilitating the existing of a trustful relationship that is governed by respect for each other. I will thus use my historical understandings of the workings of the private security field to establish a cooperative approach that can enable the free flow of relevant information between our private entity and the UPD for the security benefit of the company.

As the supervisor, I see my role in promoting positive relationship as being the link that will help in the elimination of any credibility gap that may be inexistent between UPD and our organization. Thus, I will ensure in the first place that there are scheduled annual and monthly meetings and also make sure that there is an inclusion of my organization representative in the UPD command and control center most especially when there exist emergencies. Besides that, I will play the role of building a special-interest relationship that will eventually enable the corporation of the two departments and establish a close relationship with the UPD this can be done through scheduling regular bonding meetings (Wampler, C. W. 2010).

The type of training that I do find to be useful between my department and the UPD is training sessions that are aimed at covering various topics of interest and needs; such training topics may include the issues of new crime trends. The other training of importance is one that is intended to facilitate the exchange of expertise that would fill gaps that exist in each respective department. Training on networking is also vital most especially one that is designed to effectively discuss problems that are common to all and that is aimed at facilitating each entities ability to understand the programs put in place by the other so as to ensure coordination is made possible. Active interdepartmental communication training is vital as it will most significantly enable better coordination and create a better understanding of each other most especially in regards to having the two departments working together in harmony.

I see two major problems, for instance, the challenge of current inability to clarify the roles played by each of the departments and the other being the practice of stereotyping regarding our officers being looked down upon. All this can be cured through an establishment of an active liaison program that is geared towards encouraging UPD and our department teamwork.


The private security organization being established will be able to hire qualified officers with good knowledge on security matters and with the best set of skills. The hiring process is vigorous enough to facilitate this. Additionally, the shift schedule developed can ensure that our officers are always on the alert and are not overworked. The coordination of our organization with the UPD will be boosted by the effective communication initiatives and joint training programs that have the capacity to ensure improved relation that will make sure that we meet the set objectives


Caruso, C. C., & Waters, T. R. (2008). A review of work schedule issues and musculoskeletal disorders with an emphasis on the healthcare sector. Industrial health, 46(6), 523-534.

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Whitney Gunter & Jason Kidwell, (2017). Law Enforcement and Private Security Liaison: Partnerships for Cooperation. International Foundation for Protection Officers: York College of Pennsylvania.

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