Profile personality test : i am red and yellow my friend blue

The objective of this project is to explore and understand different personality types and how these differences influence and effect communication.

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  Each  will complete The Personality Profile and have someone you communicate with regularly,  also complete the profile. Upon completion of the profiles, you will be given an explanation and further information on how to interpret the results. 


  With this knowledge of the results, you will write a paper with a minimum of 3 FULL pages.  Your papers will be typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, black ink only, and stapled together.  Make sure your papers are free of grammatical and spelling errors  Your paper will discuss each of the following


List the personality type and color of yourself and your friend/partner (mention the type of 

relationship you have with this person (i.e. friend, co-worker, parent, boyfriend, etc.).


According to the ‘Color Coded Motives’, discuss the key characteristics of only the 

personality types for both you and your friend/partner.  (If you’re not blue, red, white,

etc., I don’t want to hear anything about these personalities or colors.)


How are both of your personalities different?  How are both of your personalities similar?


How are conflicts, disagreements or miscommunications handled in this relationship?


Give an example of a conflict, disagreement or miscommunication you have had with this

person and discuss how you might deal with the situation now that you are more aware

of their personality type.



Discuss how different personality types affect (positively or negatively) communication.

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