Project 5 | English homework help

Part One: Planning Work. Respond to the prompts for planning Project 5.

Below is a list of Possible Sections for your Ethnographic Essay. How do you plan to incorporate some or all of these sections?

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Project 5 | English homework help
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Prompts for Planning:

Possible Sections for the Ethnographic Essay


Note how they changed if a major process (remember “Photo Phantasies”)

May include description of typical members of subculture May include prior experiences, etc. Analysis of where preconceptions came from Don’t forget positive preconceptions First Encounter

Examples: “Photo Phantasies”

Could include phone calls or visits What it foreshadowed about subculture (significance of first encounter–if not significant, not a good subsection) Should include a lot of reflexive and reflective writing Background/historical Info

Only as much as your reader needs to understand your main point(s) and issues/problems/ concerns

Could be about your site and/subculture Could be about the subculture in general Should point toward key issues/problems/concerns Should include reflexive and reflective writing Setting the Scene

Should be description Shouldn’t be the only description in your paper!!!!! Should include people and the site they inhabit Should include reflexive and reflective writing Example: the intro of “Iowa 80” Issue/Problem/Concern-Driven Sections

Your paper should include at least one of these

Can include interviews, library research, observation, etc. Should include reflexive and reflective writing Shouldn’t be the only place your issues, etc. appear Example: “Iowa 80” Insider/Outsider Perspective Section

Can include:

societies’ perception of the subculture; the subculture’s perception of itself (good place for interviews and quotes); the subculture’s perception of the stereotype should include reflexive and reflective writing Telling Significant Anecdote

Should try to be descriptive even if you didn’t see it personally

Needs to point to the issues/problems/concerns Should include reflective and reflexive writing Example:”Photo Phantasies” running into cashier in beginning General Tips

Some sections can be combined

This is not a comprehensive list of possible subsections: BE CREATIVE! What do you think your reader would want to hear about? Some sections can appear more than once in your paper (especially issue-driven section) The subsections you choose can’t house all of the information you’ve collected this semester–some must be left out. Be selective and make your point. Subsections as a whole should provide an in-depth look at your subculture and the issues it faces Reflexive/reflective writing, observation, interviews, and library research should appear THROUGHOUT your paper in each subsection.

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