Project idea 1-1 michael | Human Resource Management homework help



reply to the students’ response and not the question  in 150 words minimum and provide 1 reference. Respond to the students response as though you are talking to them, use name  


 Please describe your project ideas with the group and why they are relevant to you.  

students response 


One of my project ideas is constructing a business plan centered on creating my own restaurant concept. This concept has been in the making for close to five years and I have been eager to put a plan together. The concept is centered around a vegan quick service restaurant. The featured menu item would be some type of impossible meat item. The concept will start out as a retro vibe look with the first location being an old garage converted in to a restaurant. The brand can then evolve and incorporate kiosks in to the operations to help combat the growing labor issue.

Another project idea is constructing a business plan about an adult residential facility centered around patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). MS has affected numerous individuals throughout the world and affects all kind of people. This disease has no cure and can cause serious debilitating affects for the affected individual. MS also causes huge hardships on the families of these patients not only emotionally but financially as well. The facility will provide outstanding services and care to help ease the lives of these families. 

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