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 Please describe your project ideas with the group and why they are relevant to you.  

students response


I have been working within the food  industry for nearly for nearly 15 years, and I have seen an amazing transformation within the industry which I am confident you all recognize as well because no matter what generation you are food is really cool right now and a hot topic from designer faux burgers to the latest dieting paleo or keto trends. Organic, natural, and specialty products are my concentration, and I have worked with manufacturers, suppliers, and brands to promote and sometimes even pioneer their products into major distribution. Within the natural Consumer Package Goods (CPG) industry it is common for brands who specialize in product development (R&D) and/or marketing to hire brokers to operate as their selling strategy. Brokers exist in nearly all channels within the industry. Natural brokers represent brands at major retailers like Target, regional players like Gelson’s Market in San Diego, and chain accounts nationally like Starbucks. More recently, I have been working with suppliers and their supply chain, and I am asked weekly who I would recommend as a convenience channel (i.e. 7-11, Kwick-Stop, Sheetz, etc…) broker, and I have explored this question repeatedly yet have not found a single broker who recognizes their niche in the convenience channel.

The convenience channel is a developing space for natural products. Currently the convenience food industry in the U.S. amounts to $73MM, and it is expected to grow 3.8% through 2023 (Statista, 2020).  The Natural Product Industry report recognized a 12.6% growth in C-store which is 7.6% greater than the industry’s growth in general (Sweeney, 2019). Considering the high growth of natural products in the convenience channel and the lower overall growth across convenience chains it can be assumed that the future of a natural foods in the c-store is promising and a broker focusing on this niche market will see opportunities to de-thrown the Hostess and Nabisco products with a healthier alternative. My plan is to establish myself as a natural foods broker specializing in the convenience channel where I can grow brand recognition and offer consumers healthier options when they are on the go.

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