Project Management

Managing Project Risk and Project Closure ProcessYour company wants to replicate its travel expense management process from paper-based to an electronic process. In the current process, an employee wishing to travel would simply complete a travel notification form and send to his/her supervisor, and keep a copy. There is no requirement for the supervisor to approve the form prior to the employee travel. At the end of the travel, the employee attaches his/her travel expense receipts to his/her copy of the travel notification form and submits to the supervisor for approval. For this project, the company has indicated that it does not plan to change any aspect of the paper-based travel expense management process, at least initially, even though not doing so could expose the company to various types of risks. You have been appointed the project manager for this project, and one of your responsibilities is to assess the risks associated with replicating the paper-based travel expense management process without introducing any new controls that did not previously exist.Outline how you plan to conduct the risk assessment, and discuss the actions you plan to take, as the project manager, to manage some of the risks that will be identified in your risk assessment process.two reference


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