Project planning: anticipatory web/outline | Human Resource Management homework help

Explore The Mail Project (Button, S. & Pleasnick-Farrar, D., 2010) located in Required Studies. Pay close attention to the anticipatory web. This web outlines the possible directions in which the project could head and identifies the learning standards that can be addressed through the project. For additional examples of anticipatory webs, explore the various inquiry projects provided at Resources for Early Childhood: Inquiry Projects (Ohio Resource Center & Ohio Department of Education, 2010), located in Recommended Studies.
Brainstorm all of the possibilities for your social studies project topic. Start with the ideas that you generated through the Project-Based Learning Center and Nurturing Concept Formation Discussion Posts and build from there. Consider the following as you brainstorm:
Concepts to be explored
Authentic experiences
The early learning standards from your state that can be addressed
Once you have brainstormed all of the possibilities, use your ideas to create and post an anticipatory web or outline. If you choose to create a web, you may create it digitally or neatly draw it and insert a photo of your drawing within a word document.
Include the following in this assignment:
Anticipatory web or outline – be sure to identify the following:
Concepts to be explored – be as detailed as possible
Authentic Experiences – include all of the possibilities (you may want to distinguish between
those that will definitely be included and those that are additional options)
Early learning standards that can be addressed – include the actual standard (if you use a standard number in the web or outline, include a list of the actual standards underneath or in a separate document)
In a concluding paragraph, write about what you will need to do to start preparing for this project.
Submit the anticipatory web or outline with accompanying early learning standards and concluding paragraph to the Assignment Dropbox.
**APA Format ( Please be sure to site all)
Click here for the rubric.
The Mail Project (Button, S. & Pleasnick-Farrar, D., 2010). Overview, Stages 1-3, and Reflection [Website]. Retrieved from
Resources for Early Childhood: Inquiry Projects (Ohio Resource Center & Ohio Department of Education, 2010) [Website]. Retrieved from

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