Project scope and products scope description


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 Statement of Work/Project and Product Description

o    At 7, this should be very detailed and will take up the majority of the scope statement

o    Includes 25-30 high level tasks

o    Project product should be explained in detail (2-3 paragraphs), describing the end product that is to be delivered (possible 2 paragraphs from two points below?)

§  describe functionality of end product

§  describe services provided by end product

o    About 25-30 project tasks should be listed in detail following project product description (more detail than charter); these can be detailed bullet points that follow the initial 2-3 paragraphs, filling out the Statement of Work (regarding filling page count requirements, 28 tasks with enough detail for 4 tasks to fill each page, page count for that would equal 7 pages; cut task count to 25 and have initial 2-3 paragraphs on page 1 w/ first task, remaining 24 on next 6 pages)

o    Divide tasks into sections, with 5-6 tasks each section (possibly use the milestones from the charter as a template for task sections?)

§  other possible sections also include logistics and equipment/materials (as pointed out in presentation slides)

o    Strongly suggested to have Statement of Work completed by Wednesday (possibly lay a strong framework during Tuesday’s meeting?)




       Here are some information that I have from the coffee shop we are making to help you  do the scope statement




 1-Equipment: industrial  coffee machine, panini grillers, microwaves, cooler, steamers, blenders etc( you can add here more)


a.            research local business facility laws

b.            permits

c.            construction/leasing?  We are leasing a place  of 2,500sqft. Close to busy area.

d.            designing/remodelling? Remodeling fllor levels will have to change

e.            inspection


2.    Equipment

 .              research vendors,

a.            select vendors

b.            research coffeeshop specific equipment (coffee machines, etc.)

c.            research retail specific equipment (cash registers, etc.) software, atm machine, credict card debit card  software. Find a company to make software.

d.            research other computer equipment (back room, etc.) security system. Video camera, computer  phone system fax, safe,  software for managers. Intranet.

3.    Staff-  we can hiring company , manager, who is going to build the training manual,

 .              determine management of facility

a.            plan job fair/recruitment

b.            conduct job fair/recruitment

c.            plain orientation/training

d.            conduct orientation/training

4.    Preparation

 .              receive/install coffeeshop specific equipment

a.            receive/install retail specific equipment

b.            receive/install other computer equipment



             Pest contron and quality control


Mission/ Purpose

The strategic goals of Coffee and Beyond, as a regional chain of coffee shops, is to expand into other regions, with the ultimate goal of becoming a national franchise.  This project fits into our corporate strategy because as a franchise based on the west coast that has been expanding eastward, we do not currently have a footprint in the mid-west.  Opening a location here, where there is sufficient demand, will give us a good starting point in establishing that footprint.




Description and Project Product

The project of Team A will be opening of a coffee shop in a small midwestern town. The overall goal for this project is to provide a coffee shop in this town that is currently without a coffee shop for consumers . Since the demand is sufficient, this shop will provide a place for peaceful enjoyment, along with a few employment opportunities and a niche in the local economy.

     Deliverables –

     Provide food/drinks based on the menu of the franchisee.

     Provide a safe environment for consumers to order their food and be seated for short-term long-term length of time.

     Provide Free Wi/Fi for those who wish to use our shop for personal activities

     Creating Advertisements (both online/and offline) to attract customers.

     Give back to local community through associations w/ local charities/provide platform for local talent (musicians, comics, etc)







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