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Academic Writing as a Genre

Coming into this class I did not have any prior experience with academic writing. I learned that there are many different styles of writing, many more than I realized. So far, I have come to recognize that narrative writing is the easiest style of writing for me to grasp. I like the obvious outline that is expected in narrative writing; chronological order of events in the simplest format so the audience understands the piece easily. I find telling a story easy as well as fun. I was surprised by the flexibility that academic writing allows, which permits for self-expression. The different styles of writing, as well as the flexibility, allows academic writing to be diverse. All the students in the class can follow the same style of writing but have unique pieces.  I am used to military writing which is more rigid with language, as well as only allows minimal use of descriptive words. Even though they are different, they also have similarities, such as the need to provide clarity for the audience. In both, academic and military writing, being able to understand the information in a piece of writing is the general point of writing.

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