Psy 420 week 4 | English homework help

     Choose a target behavior for your Week 5 Self-Management Project.

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Psy 420 week 4 | English homework help
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        Write a 175-word summary on the target behavior in observable and measurable terms.             Include the methods that will be used to observe and acquire baseline data.




Respond to the following questions in 175 to 250 words each.


  1. Choose a behavior you would like to shape on someone you know. Select a terminal and initial behavior and the steps you would use to shape the behavior. Would you utilize punishment or reinforcement? Would fixed or variable outcomes play a role in your procedure?

2. Choose a task that you would teach a 5-year-old child to perform. Consider some of the following:

tying shoe laces, brushing teeth, making a sandwich, making a bed, and so forth. What would your

task analysis look like? For example, what would the steps be and how many steps would you

have? Once you develop the task analysis, what might you do before putting it into place to ensure

its effectiveness?

  1. You just taught a shy 2nd-grade student how to ask for help when he needed it on his vocabulary sight words rather than sitting quietly and not completing his work. However, you want the behavior to occur in other settings when he needs help. What process would you follow to teach him how to ask for help in multiple contexts?

  1. Conversly, one of the 2nd-grade boy’s classmates is raising her hand and asking for help even on tasks she knows how to complete. This happens during recess, in phys ed, or when given a task she has completed multiple times before. What process would you follow to teach when and where raising her hand is appropriate?

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