Psychology work part 1 & 2

Need full, complete and competent answers for the two questions being asked below.

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Psychology work part 1 & 2
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( Part 1)


 #1 *** Let’s say that a parent asks you, “How do you know the difference between normal behavior and abnormal behavior?” How do you respond? What questions do you ask the parent? What do you tell the parent?


(Part 2)


#2 **** think about the style that your parents used with you.  indicate the style your parents used and why you think this is the correct style.  Furthermore, discuss the impact that this style has on your socio-emotional outcomes


an example:  My father was most definitely authoritarian.  He ruled the house.  What he said went. There was no discussion of rules.  Explanations involved, “Because I said so.”  He also was typically involved only to discipline.  I don’t remember him attending many school recitals, etc or vacationing that often.  I know he loved me, but he showed it other ways; through being on top of the discipline thing.  children reared by authoritarian parents do well academically but not so well interacting with peers.  I would definitely agree with this. 

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