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This is the only study guide that with build in statistics formulas to calculate solutions for every problem. Learn how to use excel to solve virtually any confidence interval and interpret statistical data.

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  1. A random sample of 90 observations. Confidence Interval. 
  2. Healthcare workers who use latex gloves.
  3. Each child in a sample of 64 low-income children.
  4. Random sample from a normal distribution.
  5. Periodically, a town water department tests the drinking water.
  6. Confidence interval on a random sample.
  7. A newspaper reported that 50% of people say that some coffee shops are overpriced.
  8. An accounting firm annually monitors a certain mailing service’s performance.
  9. Suppose you’re given a data set that classifies each sample unit into one of four categories: A. B, C, or D.
  10. In one university, language professors incorporated a 10-week extensive reading program.
  11. Graph the relative frequency histogram for the 600 measurements.
  12. Five banks have been ranked by the amount charged to credit and debit cards issued by the banks.
  13. Compare the z-scores to decide which of the x values below lie the greatest distance above the mean.
  14. Consider the horizontal box plot shown to the right.
  15. Educators are constantly analyzing the efficacy of public schools.
  16. The mean gas mileage for a hybrid car is X miles per gallon.

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