Quality tool question | Applied Sciences homework help

Analytical thinking and creating a model (1 page length), 5 points


With your experience in face-to-face and online learning, together with synchronous and asynchronous discussion, you should be able to express your thoughts and provide recommendation to our program quality improvement (Master’s Science (MS) in Industrial Management or MS in Technology). To complete this part, students are required to think, analyze, and evaluate based on your past learning experience. There is no need to search for additional resources or any other supplements. 

Environmental scanning, internal and external factors, should be considered in your writing (e.g. student, faculty, course materials, technology, delivery methods, interaction among classmates, environment, and others). 

Answer the following question with details and create diagram.

1. Creating a quality model in MS in Industrial Management OR MS in Technology using a diagram (e.g. flowchart, fishbone, Venn, cycle, radial, pyramid, … ) and explaining in details of influencing factors.

 Tips: to create a professional look diagram, you can use a template from asq.org (Learn/Learn about quality), or using SmartArt from Word Document.  

  All the answers and problems with working solutions should be APA 6th edition with references and in-text citations any plagiarism is considered zero. 

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