Quasi-experimental designs | Nursing homework help

 Topic: It is in the Instructions

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Type of paper: Research paper

Discipline: Health Care and Life Sciences : Nursing

Format or citation style: APA


DISCUSSION: (Initial posts should be at least 250 words and represent original thinking about the topic. Initial Post due Thurs., 7/18 @2359; Reply to at least 2 classmates by Sun., 7/21 @2359. Replies should be at least 125 words and represent critical thinking about the initial post).

Initial Post:  Variables & Hypotheses:

Find one quantitative research article – preferably an experimental or quasi-experimental study related to your topic of interest. (You can add “quantitative research,” “RCT.” or randomized controlled trial to your search terms)
The study should be published between 2014 and 2019.
It should be a single quantitative research study, not a systematic review, meta-analysis, meta-synthesis, or integrative review.
Download the PDF of the article and upload the PDF to your post. Include the citation in APA format.
Describe the variables (independent, dependent, and demographic). If mentioned, describe the extraneous variables.
Discuss the hypothesis for the study in terms of the relationship of the variables.
Identify characteristics of the hypothesis and why. Characteristics: Simple or complex? Directional or non-directional? Associative or causal (applies only to correlational, experimental and quasi-experimental studies, not to descriptive studies)

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