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“Video Presentation Feedback”

  • Upload your Proposal Video Presentation to the discussion as your original post. Next, review at least one (1) other student’s video presentation; then, respond to the following topics with your fellow student’s presentation in mind.

Note: To upload your video to the discussion, follow the same steps as uploading the video for the Assignment 2 submission. For a refresher, view the Kaltura video tutorial located below.

  • Imagine that you are the CEO of the organization featured in the presentation. Based on the information presented, specify the key aspects of the presentation that would lead you to accept the recommended proposal. Support your response with at least two (2) examples of content from the presentation.
  • Suppose that the CEO of the presenter’s organization tasked the presenter with sharing the proposal presentation with a board of directors for final approval. Provide one to two (1-2) suggestions to the presenter for ways he or she can enhance the presentation to increase the likelihood that the board of directors would also accept the proposal. Provide a rationale for your suggestions.

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