Read articles and summarize plus questions



Directions: Read the following articles from NAEYC’s Young Children:

  1. Empathy and Cultural Competence: Reflections from Teachers of Culturally Diverse Children 

  1. Missing: Picture Books Reflecting Gay and Lesbian Families 

  1. “Partnering with Families of Children with Special Needs”

  1. How to Reach Out to Parents of English Language Learners

  1. “Ten Tips Involving Families Through Internet Based Communication” by Mitchell, Foulger, and Wetzel.

  1. 6 Ways to Keep Families Strong Through Early Care and Education


  • For each of the articles, write a two to three page paper that includes the following:
  • 1. Summary of the article
  • 2. Describe what you found that was interesting or new.
  • 3. Write about any connections that the article had to your personal and professional life.
  • 4. Write about any issues or information that you want to learn more about.
  • 5. List any specific things that you can share with your colleagues or families.
  • 6. Describe how you could incorporate this information in your program or classroom. 

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