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Reading notes on 1st half of (Sandel, Michael J. Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do? Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2010 (paperback). ISBN: 978-0-374-53250-5)

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Reading Notes –

The aim of reading notes is to help you read critically and actively – to be engaged in the work. You will find this tool essential in graduate school so it is here we begin the habit. The reading notes will be measured using the level-five evaluation criteria and must contain the following:


                    Two-page maximum, single space, business block, justified margins, 10-point font 

                    APA bibliographic citation of the work as your ‘title’ 

                    Your name, course, section number and date at the upper right 

                    Central theme – identify author’s main lesson/argument – what is the author(s) teaching us 

                    Critical analysis – evaluate the lesson/argument – strengths/weaknesses – considering pointing to a frame of reference in your own life or your training in the subject 

                    Main takeaways – so what and now what? How do we best apply the knowledge from this article? 


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