Reflection paper and ethic in your state

Paper 1

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In a 3-4 page paper, discuss your opinion of the importance of a counselor’s professionalism. What are significant characteristics of a professional counselor? How important are ethics?  How does the counselor’s professionalism affect clients? Is professionalism more important for mental health counselors than for school counselors?  Why or why not?  

Be sure to use APA styling.  Although this paper includes your educated opinions, be sure to provide expert sources to support those opinions. In-text citations and end references are expected.  No abstract is necessary.


Paper 2

Research your state’s (Texas) ethical standards on all forms of abuse. Discuss those standards, explaining them thoroughly in a 5 page double-spaced paper. Do not simply copy and paste the state’s standards in this paper but fully discuss the importantance of these standards in your program area (Mental Health Counseling).  By discussing thoroughly, you are indicating that you have read them and understand their importance. Use APA formatting.  No abstract is necessary, but be sure to use in-text citations and end references.* Refer to the attachment for specific instructions and expectations. Attachment uploaded for this paper,



If you have questions regarding both papers please let me know.

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