Reflection paper -conflict coaching for leaders-

Project Criteria
Write a reflection paper which synthesizes your new scholarship and gives meaning to the time that you have spent reading and learning about issues related to conflict coaching archetypes. The goal of this paper is to think about the “so what, why does it matter, and how does it affect me?” aspect of course concepts and strategies. So, what did you learn that you feel was of most value and how will it change your perspective and/or actions in the future, both personally as well as in your work role? Were there any surprises or “aha” moments where your learning created an important personal or work-related insight? How can you and how will you implement conflict coaching strategies in your organization or department when you have the opportunity to do so? Identify what models will work for you. If you will use a modified model or create your own model, explain why other models would not be useful.

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Throughout the course, keep a weekly journal on the concepts you learn about; that is, at the end of each week you should write a paragraph or two about what you learned and why it is meaningful to you. At the end of the course, synthesize your journal into a 750-1250 word document that reflects back on the course material and what it means to you. Address the above criteria.
Assess the varying models studied throughout the course and expound on how these collective ideas collated into a conflict coaching model that you could use in your personal life and work life to help others problem-solve and seek solutions. Did you modify a model, create your own model, or did you decide to use an existing working model?

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