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REFLECTIVE ASSIGNMENT 2 (Learners and Learning)


I have attached a sample reflective essay. You can either re-write the wrote essay based on the question below, or re-write the essay in the sample essay document that i provide you.

Make sure we have alot of citation, APA style.

For the Reflective Assignment, we will complete a reflective account of the learning that resulted from your participation Learners and Learning module, with a particular focus on learning that relates to your capacities for analysis and research, networking, collaboration, engaging with equity, and leadership and personal impact.

The key take away would be the nature of the learning that resulted when you participated in the module, with particular attention to the key skills promoted by the programme. 

Recall that the key skills of the programme include the following:

1. Analysis and research: The ability to develop and apply theoretical frameworks and research methodologies appropriate to issues pertaining to higher education.

2. Networking: The ability to engage fellow students and other educational professionals on an ongoing basis across organisational, cultural and geographical boundaries, in order to support the exchange of ideas and specific educational initiatives.

3. Collaboration: The ability to share complex and challenging activities with other parties in order to achieve professional goals, managing the associated interactions with others, employing a variety of forms of communication, and findings ways to span differences between parties and catalysing their engagement.

4. Engaging with equity: The ability to balance openness to stakeholder diversity with a commitment to enhanced forms of education and to values fundamental to the educational enterprise, attending to social justice and fairness in the face of competing priorities

5. Leadership and personal impact: The ability to set agendas for change, draw together an associated evidence base, catalyse the engagement of others, marshal resources and structures, and see actions through 

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