Religious studies | English homework help

 Read the Instructions carefully. 

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Religious studies | English homework help
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The subject is Religious studies

Checklist for Final Paper/Project

Title and Heading (either on a title page, on the first page of text or first slide)
Thesis statement in your introductory paragraph. I have posted several links about developing your thesis and final paper in the Final Paper Folder. Please use these resources!
Support for your thesis (this means that you introduce and work with scholarly material that supports your claim)
6 pages double-spaced 12-point standard font (Times New Roman) and standard margins (Remember that your Works Cited page is included in this page count, so you need to have about 5 pages of writing) or the equivalent amount of work in a PowerPoint presentation…about 10 slides.
Approximately 4 scholarly sources (no Wikipedia, no, and no online websites in general, unless they are associated with universities or research centers, museums, etc.)  You have to do some research—use the ASU library, many of the resources are online!
Works Cited page (this is where you list the sources you used for your paper) Use the citation system you are most comfortable with: Chicago, Turabian, MLA, APA, just be consistent.
Double check your paper to be sure that you give proper credit to any quotes, summaries, or paraphrasing of material.
Grading Ranges

An ‘A’ range paper or project is one that meets all the criteria above, that has been run through spell and grammar check, introduces an interesting thesis, supports that thesis with strong thinking, specific examples, and excellent writing, and considers counter-arguments when it makes sense to do so.
A ‘B’ range paper or project meets the basic criteria but does not go as deeply into the material or struggles to support the thesis. The writing is good, but not great.
A ‘C’ range paper or project does not meet all criteria, struggles to present a clear thesis and/or to support a coherent argument. The writing is poor or uneven, wanders off topic, and has not been edited.
A ‘D’ paper or project does not meet basic criteria but show some effort.
A failing paper or project is one that you do not submit! Please turn in a paper or project. Contact me sooner, rather than later, if you are having issues researching or writing your paper or project or having any other issues with late work! I am here to help you succeed.

You may research and write a paper that falls within the topics and themes of our course or you may choose to produce a creative work that lies at one of these junctures. Your (un-essay) project must be academically sound and equivalent to the paper option in terms of time, effort, and substance. 

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