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  • 1.  You  have applied for a job in the Washington DC area. You live in  Southwestern VA where the cost of living is lower. You and your family  of five are excited about relocating. You are happy with the salary that  is being offered, but you have concerns over the relocation assistance  that the firm is providing. They will provide job placement assistance  for your spouse, but are offering very little regarding helping you sell  your current home as well as purchasing a new home. You are now at an  impasse. Identify what you can propose to get around this impasse. 
  • Maybe  you want to purchase your dream home. Maybe you want a house on a  Caribbean island. Maybe you want a second home to escape to for the  winter months. How do you make it become a reality? What must you be  mindful of? What must you take into consideration? What steps must you  take prior to calling a realtor and what must you be mindful of relative  to negotiating during the searching and purchasing process? Etc,  etc…   

2.  Please respond to the below post


Relocating  comes with exciting uncertainty and outside help during the relocation  process may be limited. The exciting part is all of the possibilities  that exist regarding work, home, and social lifestyles. The uncertainty  is wondering how or if things will go according to plan. The key is to  usher in the excitement while mitigating the uncertainty. Transitioning  from one home to the next is a classic example of exciting uncertainty.  The excitement in packing and moving can quickly succumb to the reality  of transitioning homes. No adult wants the responsibility of having two  house payments (mortgage or rent) due to costs. I’ve had to do this over  a six month time period and it does put a strain on finances and  relationships. To alleviate the strain, a proposal in getting around the  impasse is to consider renting something smaller (apartment, condo) at  the new location on a month-to-month premise while the home at the  current location is on the market. Although this is not ideal, it could  go along way in reducing the stress associated with transitioning. Once  the current home sells, more focus can be placed on purchasing a more  permanent homestead.

Transitioning  stateside is challenging in itself, but relocating to different country  (temporary or permanent) will bring in a whole slate of new issues. In  most places in the Caribbean, the cost of living is more than that of  the U.S. On average, $2-$3k per month is enough to live off of. An  income greater than $3k means that a person could live comfortably. The  kicker is with the quality of life. Since the Caribbean is under  developed when compared to U.S. standards, the quality of living will  diminish. The threat of natural disaster (hurricanes) loom for half the  year, which is likely to drive up the costs of insurance and materials  needed in safeguarding. The weather effects make having sound  infrastructure of consistent power and running water challenging. There  is also the potential of gas shortages and food outages to consider.  Nothing can be done to combat the gas shortages, but negating the food  shortages entail relying on ordering items online and having them  shipped to your location. Because it is the Caribbean, property for sale  may be at a premium which means finding that ideal or dream home will  be even harder and more expensive, let alone the question of what  happens with the property in terms of upkeep when vacant. To me, the key  in purchasing a home in the Caribbean is to get away from the hustle  and bustle of the U.S. lifestyle. In knowing the challenges that  accompany Caribbean living, I would stress to my realtor that the home  must be situated away from the tourist attractions or hotspots the  region has to offer. All of the other factors can be worked round, but  the location is deal breaker.    

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