Research and analyze a company’s use of social media.

 You will craft a business report that demonstrates the company’s ability to understand the use of social media for the following purposes: Raise awareness, Influence desire,Encourage trial, Facilitate purchases, Create loyalty.


You will use ONE (1) of the following companies or brands:

 Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Nike, Chanel, Uber, Boeing, MAC Cosmetics, LA Dodgers, Pampers, Netflix or McDonald’s


Your assignment is to analyze the brand or business’ use of social media by examining their presence on the following social media platforms:


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube


Your report needs to be factual and analytical. Please don’t incorporate your personal feelings or emotional responses. Think of this report as the type of report created by a social media consultancy firm before a first meeting with a client. The goal is to assess where the client is in terms of their social media use while providing a sense of what the firm would/could do for them if they were to hire it. The report should include the following sections (TIP: Follow the sections below as an outline and write your report with the specific sections!)


Introduction: Introduce the company and what it is that they do and why social media is important to their business; HINT: Look at the industry they operate within as well as norms/standards for social media use in that industry; Be succinct. No filler.


Overall summary of social media use and purpose: Briefly summarize the company’s history with social media and current use of social media along with the overall strategic focus from one or several of the above purposes; Can you identify who manages social media for the business (marketing department, outside social media advertising firm etc.)? Are they using the different tools like Twitter, Instagram Pinterest etc. in ways that are unique or duplicative (of other companies or competitors or even of other platforms—in other words are they saying the same uninspired things over and over again across platform or are they a unique voce that adapts to the platform/medium? How are they leveraging each tool for best effect/impression?


Use of each listed tool: List how each tool is used; provide examples


Assessment and recommendations: Assess overall social media use. Make at least three recommendations based upon your assessment and research; HINT: look at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with the firm’s use of social media. 

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