Research i : clinical teaching concept and its components.


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The learners are expected to work on a 5-page research project based on the concepts assigned from two chapters of the textbook supported by one

professional article. Such a project will adhere to the rules and regulations for

research papers from the APA6th Manual.

.Adhere to rules from APA6th Edition for research. Include references and citations. Provide a bibliography -reference page. Overall there are 7 pages for this assignment.


1.Cover page,

2. Abstract,

3. Table of content ,.

4. Three pages of accurate content  information,

5. References: Textbook and one scholarly article(2010-15) on the topic,


Research I 

Chapter 3, page 76, 3.3, 3.3a, 3.3b

Clinical Teaching Concept and Its Components. Goals, Interventions, Cyclechart(Fig. 3.2) three examples, and qualities, as well as citations when applicable. (author, year, and page)

Kirk’s Diagnostic -Prescriptive Approach: the pillar of special education. It is what makes special education, special.

Support your research with only one professional article. Submit the article bibliography on the reference page after the textbook information.

Textbook: Learning Disabilities and Related Disabilities: Strategies for Success by Janet W. Lerner 

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Print ISBN: 9781285433202, 1285433203

Edition: 13th

Copyright year: 2015 

*** Strictly textbook concepts (including quotes), this teacher is very demanding, follow the instructions based solely on the content provided in the chapter, reflect the exact words in the content you use on the pages and use the specific pages In the instructions, quotes according to the book, the article you use should be academic corresponding to the date, if you have any questions, contact me, Thank you.

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