Research paper 2600 words | Literature homework help

 Proposal and Annotated Bibliography You are required to write a research topic proposal and compile an annotated bibliographycorresponding to the topic proposal. Your research topic should indicate the questions you are interested in pursuing, the methods you will employ in research, and the anticipated contribution your topic makes in the field.The annotated bibliography will contain a minimum of 5 entries. Presuming that many of your entries will be journal articles, one of the fivemust be a relevant monograph or a collection of essays treated together. All entries must provide full bibliographical informationas well as a substantial paragraph(150-250words) detailing the substance and importance of the specific work. You may use the internet to locatetextual sources, but the actual sources cannot be web-sites.  Research paperThe term paper offers you the opportunity to work through some issue or question of your own choosing.  The paper is an exercise in choosing an appropriate topic as well as an opportunity to demonstrate critical analysis and research skills. Constructive and critical use of secondary sources is expected.  Citations should follow MLA format which includes in text citation of the literature and a works cited page at the end of the docu 


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