Research paper and annotated bibliography



Topic: Guns should not be allowed on campus


Annotated Bibliography

For this assignment, you should find FOUR credible, academic sources.Each source will be one entry for your Annotated Bibliography. Each entry should include the following:


  1. MLA Citation
  2. Summary Paragraph of the Article. Use at least one quote (using the OREO method and an in-text citation) in your summary.
  3. Analysis and Application Paragraph. In one paragraph, discuss how this source contributes to the general conversation for your topic and how this source will affect the development of your own essay.


Once you write your essay, please follow these guidelines. Your essay should:


1.     Use sound, logical reasoning to argue a problem’s presence and its solution.

2.     Utilize ethos (credibility), logos (logic), and pathos (emotion) in order to appeal to the reader.

3.     Be between 4-6 pages long. (Not 3.5 pages… 4 full pages at minimum)

4.     Adhere to proper MLA format.

5.     Employ at least five credible, varied, and academic sources. Three must be academic journal articles from databases.

6.     Demonstrate the MEAL plan strategy for all paragraphs (Main idea [topic sentence], Evidence, Analysis, and Link).

7.     Connect all ideas with strong transitions between paragraphs and transitional phrases to link ideas within paragraphs.

8.     Integrate all quoted material smoothly and ethically.

9.     Cite all summarized, paraphrased, and quoted material with in-text citations and a Works Cited page. All citations should be in proper MLA format.

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