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Should the U.S. lower the drinking age to 18?


You do not need to use MLA format for this assignment. Instead, number your responses and provide 2+ complete sentences for each prompt. As always, grammar counts, so proofread before submitting your responses.

  1. What topic have you selected? Describe the argument you wish to establish. What main problem are you tackling? What are the causes/effects of the issue? How long has the problem been going on and whom does it affect?
  2. Why did you choose this topic? Explain your interest in the topic; be as descriptive and specific as you can about your motivation for picking this topic:
  3. Discuss the topic’s significance. Why should your audience care about the topic? How do you plan to convince your audience that this is an important problem?  Remember, your first major obstacle will be convincing readers that a problem exists.
  4. Consider your audience. What does the majority of your audience most likely consist of: readers who strongly agree, skeptical readers, or readers who disagree? What might your audience already know about your topic? Will your audience have an emotional investment in and/or preconceived notions about your idea?

then along with the above on a separate paper in 75 words:

State your topic for the proposal argument research paper. You should first identify your specific topic   

(Should the U.S. lower the drinking age to 18?) then discuss why you chose the topic. Please also share one interesting idea regarding your topic. Finally, if you know of a helpful website/database for students, please share! For instance, many students recommend EasyBib for help with the works-cited list. 

I have attached full assignment criteria along with full grading rubric that must be followed

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