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 We all dream of finding that mate that loves us just as much as we love them. I believe that the relationship between Rama and Sita, exemplifies that. From the first time they met, it seems as if it was destine to be, of all the suitors aiming for Sita’s heart, only one man qualified. The passage states that Rama is the only one who could wield the bow and when he pulls back the string, it breaks. Rama and Sita are married. I have to admit that this is non traditional for this day and age. I have heard from older relatives that back in the day there were a lot of arranged marriages. I do believe that this still exsist in certain cultures. Their love may have been non traditional, but it was shown throughout the story. When Rama was exiled by his father, Sita asked to accompany him through his 14 years of exile. When Sita was kidnapped by Ravana, Rama goes to protect the honor of his wife. Marriage to me consist of two people that love each other working together towards the same things and building a future together. Rama and Sita’s marriage lasted longer than a lot of marriages today. I do believe that their marriage is comparable to marriages today. When I look at the overall picture, they may not have married the traditional way, but they exemplified their love and honor for each other through their day to day journey. 

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