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Forgetting Materials – this behavior shows lack of organization on the student’s behalf.

Out of seat – The only reason a student should be out of their seat is to turn in work or with the permission or instruction of the teacher.

Sleeping – Shows a lack of sleep possibly from home or from staying up too late.

I believe that sleeping is something that can be controlled by standing closer to the student.  This could make the student nervous and participate in the classroom more.  Students should not be getting out of their seat unless the teacher has told them it is ok or that it is for a class assignment.  Forgetting materials can be a big deal if it is continuous, but students can also share books and materials from the classroom.  These behaviors are not extreme and not quite something I would even send a student to the office for.


Playing with an object – By playing with an object during class, the student is disregarding the focus and concentration of those around him or her.  This will result in classroom disruption

Talking – Not providing the respect to the teacher or other students around.

Tardiness – Constant tardiness shows lack of time management on the student’s behalf.

Playing with objects can be distracting to other students as well as the teacher.  If this is a continuous problem, or if the student is playing with an object that is not their own they can be sent to the office.  Talking during classroom instruction or during tests shows a lack of respect for those around and could also mean students might be cheating on tests.  After an initial warning, further consequences will follow.  Tardiness happens.  However, when it happens too often it can lead to class disruption and then the teacher has to repeat instructions for what the student missed.  After 3 consecutive instances of tardiness, a student will be sent to the office.


Drugs – Safety issue and can cause some serious harm to any student who uses them.

Weapons – A major safety issue which can lead to someone becoming seriously injured or even killed.

Fighting – Can lead to serious injury and even end up in jail

All three Major Behaviors can result in jail time, death, serious injury and parents will be notified as a mandatory action as well.  Security and the police will be called for each instance as well as the student possibly being sent to another school.  There is no excuse for any of these behaviors at all.

The classroom might be different without categories because a major behavioral problem might be considered a minor one to another teacher and vice versa with the minor ones.  The categories help to make sure that every teacher is following the same protocols.  If a teacher is inconsistent with their placement in the categories, one student may be severely punished while another just gets a slap on the wrist.  This could look like favoritism and could even end up with the teacher being investigated

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