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Hello Professor,



Giggling – Disruptive to other students/teachers instruction

Out of seat – Off task, or confused on work assigned

Slamming a book – Inappropriate noise level and possible property misuse


Sleeping – Signs of traumatic/ neglected home life

Talking – Not following rules of classroom, disregard for others working.

Tapping a pencil – Unaware of distraction, off task, disruptive behavior


Weapons – Safety issue for all involved, disregard of the law and school policies

Vandalism – Disregard to property of others/ disrespect for self and his environment,

Tripping another student – Impulsive/deliberate show of violence, student views act as funny and does not consider consequences ( victim hurt, suspension, parents contacted)



      As educators, dealing with different personalities, different family dynamics, different cultures, and different levels of behaviors, we must “pick our battles” in ways that drive us to categorize behaviors and the consequences of those behaviors. In the classroom our focus is or our students to learn and the way we manage our classrooms reflect the level of respect that we expect from our students in order to foster respect for the education that is being offered to the students.

     Some behavior simply disrupts and takes time away from instruction and can be dealt with fairly quickly. Where other behaviors are indicators that learning for some is so challenging due to what is going on outside the classroom that if not taken seriously, it could lead to complete academic failure and serious social inadequacies. Without categories for which we see what behaviors lead to harm from the least severe to the most severe, our jobs as educators would not go beyond teaching. As educators we teach children to mold them into people that value themselves, honor education and are motivated to lead their city, state, and/ or our country. We teach balance of people not just core subjects.


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