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Court consolidation is a form of restructuring wherein all state paid court personnel are blended into a single circuit under the appointing authority of the Circuit Court Clerk. This court design differs greatly from the previous structure which consisted of a Circuit Court and one or more Associate Divisions. Court Restructuring involves simplifying a state’s trial court system to make it more efficient, effective and accessible. Those who promote restructuring believe the current court structure is too costly, confusing, and discourages and impedes litigants, both private citizens and business, from pursuing their rights. Greater efficiencies  achieved through court restructuring would return the focus back to the administration of justice, where it belongs. Public confidence would be restored to a system that has long been viewed in the public eye as insurmountable, and a new simplified structure would promote public understanding how the court system operates. If consolidation and restructuring did not occur the cost of the court would not increase and the number of courts would also not decrease. The pool of judges that can be appointed to the Appellate courts would not expand. State’s lower courts wouldn’t be able to expand their powers and they wouldn’t be able to serve the local communities better.


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