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So a student read the article below in bold  (use the link to read the article)  ) and this was there response below to the article;

“It seems like the expected economic conditions are less optimistic among many regions. The expected decline in numbers within the workforce, slowing economic growth, and barriers against trade have thwarted the majority of the population’s trust in the growth of many economies. Emerging/developing markets and countries are especially susceptible to this economic viewpoint. Developed economies on the other hand, such as the United States and China, seem to have the greatest opportunity for growth within this coming year. As a student and individual, looking into investing among the more developed countries would likely hold a favourable return on capital invested. Avoiding investments in developing countries which contrary to current trends, held the most returns in the past, would be an optimal decision to maximize earnings and growth potential. The upward shift in business and revenue expectations among these developed countries should be maximized by utilizing capital and funds to invest and avoid less developed countries until the business cycle changes in their favour.”

Must be a minimum of 200 words and in APA format

After reading the article yourself and their response give feedback, cannot summarize the article or the student response.

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